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  • Sue Anne Dunlevie I hired Minuca after doing 5 or 6 roundup posts myself. They take a LOT of effort and I thought I would try having someone else take over the task. Minuca was great to work with! Quick, professional and she got some BIG names for my roundup post. The best part - my traffic went up 300% for the week each roundup was published! I was very pleased with the entire thing and have hired her again to do more roundups for me!
    Sue Anne Dunlevie from
  • Dustin W. StoutMinuca has dramatically raised my expectations of how a great roundup post is done. Not only that, but she’s made me realize just how powerful this type of blog post can really be. Her work is simply amazing.
    Dustin W. Stout – Co-founder Warfare Plugins
  • Mark VerkhovskiMinuca is a true professional and goes the extra mile to produce high-quality work that meets every detail of the job spec. I really liked her approach to creating a first experts roundup article and asked her to work on another one. I highly recommend Minuca, she does a super job!

    Mark Verkhovski, President American Webmasters Association
  • David KrauterDon’t look anywhere else when it comes to Round Ups. Minuca Elena knows her stuff. Not only has she got her systems tightly set up - she over delivers!!! We launched an article just 3 weeks ago and n this time we had over 636 page views to the article - and we haven’t even started promoting the content yet. This was just from the work Minuca completed - if you know anything about content marketing, you’ll know that this number will only continue to rise as the content gains age and trust in the serps. I highly recommend if you’re looking for someone to help you with your Round Up to contact Minuca.
    David Krauter – SEO expert, the owner of
  • Testimonial for MinucaI have had the pleasure of working with Minuca more than once, and I plan to work with her again. Why? Because she is on the top. She will go through water and fire to make you a fantastic expert round up, and she follows up, so she is doing the complete process for you from start to end. Over the years since I opened up my clinic back in 2006, I have worked with a lot of online people. Minuca is a very professional online marketer and one of the few that actually keeps what she promise. She has lots of experience, and if she hits a wall, well she finds out how to pass it. I can highly recommend working with Minuca, she is doing a great job.
    Maj Wismann – Clinical sexologist –
  • Expert roundup testimonialMinuca does great work. She's a rare combination of creative and efficient and produced a great expert round up for me very quickly while also coming up with a great title. I'd recommend her highly
    Ben Richardson, owner
  • Nikolay StoyanovMinuca is a hard working and honest girl. She can follow instructions and respect deadlines. She's both a very good solo and team player and if you decide to work with her you won't be disappointed. I recommend Minuca if you're looking for a specialist who can put together a great expert roundup for your blog.
    Nikolay Stoyanov from
  • Luqman KhanA friend, Russell, suggested me to hire Elena for a roundup post on my blog. Without wasting any time, I hired her for my first Roundup. She did an awesome job and work really hard. It was quick and professional. She is really Awesome and I will her soon for my next roundup! If you are the one who never experienced how Roundup works or you can't find someone professional and knows how stuff works, Minuca can be your best choice and you won't regret it for sure.
    Luqman Khan, owner of
  • Carole Moore BurkhardMinuca is a dream to work with!  She takes a round-up post idea from conceptualization through launch in a highly professional manner in record time.  She does all the work for you so that you can sit back and reap the rewards.  I highly recommend her for your next round-up.
     Carole – Founder
  • Megan CainMinuca was totally on top of everything throughout the whole process of working on my roundup post. I didn't have to question whether she was following through on her tasks, she was very organized and always on time delivering. She did an awesome job, I would highly recommend her!
    Megan Cain – Owner
  • TeodoraDo you struggle with how you can break into the world of Blogger Outreach? Do you wonder how you can ever get 21 influential bloggers to be featured on your blog, even before you start? If you do, do not fear! Minuca is here! We knew diddly-squat about Blogger Outreach, but had read enough to know our peers are our most important allies. But just didn't feel confident enough to approach them, being so very new. What could we ask them? Why would they ever respond? And along came Minuca! So down-to-earth, professional and ever-so-hardworking, there is no NO in her dictionary. She WILL deliver incredible success and traffic for your website or blog. She has been one of our biggest supporters, saved us a tonne for money and keeps us motivated every, single day. PLEASE reach out to her for a consultation. You don't know what you are missing... And we cannot recommend her enough.
    Theodora Tristan from
  • Gerald RhodesMinuca’s Round Up Post made a significant difference in my online business. Minuca’s gift is that she is able to take one idea and transform it into traffic and conversion on my website. The attention to detail she put’s into her round up posts translates into a professional and impactful statement on my website. Her work spoke to my audience. And working with Minuca could not have been easier. She was always responsive and attentive to my needs and created a valuable product that fit the needs of my business. Thanks Minuca. I look forward to working with you again.
    Gerald Rhodes – Founder